We realize that every residence has different needs, every house its quirks.  We interview each client and carefully take meticulous notes about the details of each property.  These notes translate into checklists which are noted each time the property is visited.  Pictures are taken when necessary and communication with the client is always open and fluid.  We pride ourselves on attention to detail, accurate record keeping and ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.


Winters can be harsh in Maine.  The damage from wind, snow and sleet can quickly become serious issues if unmonitored.  Houses also need to be checked inside for signs of freezing pipes, pests and electrical issues.  Winter storms can also wreak havoc with your property.  With over 30 years of experience, we have encountered almost every type of issue that can arise.  We have a vast amount of knowledge and a experienced pool of contractors and repairmen who can assist when necessary. Allowing us to manage your property will give you peace of mind.


  • Check oil /and or propane tank level.
  • Check generator (weekly testing hours and keeping it cleared)
  • Make sure all doors & windows are secure
  • Check all rooms in house
  • Run all faucets and flush all toilets if water is on
  • Run washing machines and dishwashers at least once a month
  • Check that all thermostats are set at correct temperatures
  • If possible, check boiler/furnace for leaks (air and fuel)
  • Check ceilings, doorways, and windows for leaks
  • Check for rodents / lay down traps, set, and check them if needed
  • Meet contractors or repairmen, if necessary, to gain entrance
  • Arrange for contractors to meet owners when necessary
  • Send pictures of residence to clients via email from tablet/ Iphone
    once a week



  • Plow and sand (when necessary) driveway
  • Shovel in front of garage door(s)
  • Shovel and sand path to front door
  • Shovel pathway to all fuel tanks…. propane and oil if house heated
  • Debris Clearing / Tree Removal

HOUSEHOLD SERVICES (if needed with additional charge)

  • House Cleaning
  • Laundry


If your house sits vacant for part of the year and you are interested in renting it, we can photograph, advertise, secure renters, monitor your property and the subsequent cleaning of your property.  To see a partial list of properties rented by Safe Harbour, click here.  Your renters will be taken care of and your property will be in safe hands.  To see a recommendation from a renter to an owner, click here and flip to the referral letter to Rudman from Gottleib.